Are you in Red Deer Alberta or surrounding area like Lacombe, Innisfail, Blackfalds or others and want to talk startups?

I'm looking to find or create a bigger startup community here and want to hear from you.

There are people and organisations in the city that can help you and finding others that understand without needing to go off to Edmonton or Calgary is a great idea.

I've created a new Red Deer Start Here site with links, meetups and a blog with helpful advice. 

Now with more pages
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LinkedIn Page for following
LinkedIn Private Group

Use the google forms contact at bottom of this page to send me a note or if you don't want to join meetup or LinkedIn to hear about the events please subscribe here 

Not really sure what a startup is?

Startups are typically small in size, with limited resources, funding, and customers. They often focus on creating solutions to address unmet needs or emerging market trends, which may involve new technologies or novel approaches.

One of the most important and challenging aspects of a startup is finding "product-market fit," which refers to the process of developing a product or service that genuinely meets the needs and demands of a target market. Achieving product-market fit is crucial for a startup's success, as it ensures that the company's offerings are valuable to potential customers.

To accomplish this, startups often go through a process of testing assumptions about their target market, customers, and the product itself. This process might involve conducting surveys, interviews, or focus groups to gather feedback from potential users. Entrepreneurs then use this information to make adjustments to their product, pricing, or marketing strategies, refining their offerings until they find the right balance that appeals to their target audience.

During the early stages of a startup, there are many unknowns, such as whether the product will be well-received by the market, if the team can execute their vision effectively, or if they will secure enough funding to sustain the business. These uncertainties make the process of building a startup both exciting and risky, as the potential for success or failure is high.

To mitigate some of these risks, startup founders often seek support from investors, mentors, and industry experts. They may participate in accelerator or incubator programs, which provide guidance, networking opportunities, and sometimes even financial backing. Entrepreneurs must also be adaptable and resilient, learning from setbacks and pivoting their strategies as needed to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.


Startup Entrepreneurs are encouraged to work through the 'Lean Canvas' to help work out their ideas and I encourage you to search for more information about it.